Adventure! Sorcery! Romance! Etc!

Have YOU ever harboured a desire to be the handsome, drunken, boorish, easily-confused hero of your own fantasy adventure? Well now YOU can!

‘The Tower of Clavius Boon’ is my ongoing labour of love, an affectionate pastiche of the fantasy gamebook genre. Please click ‘ENTER…’ to play the prologue or scroll down to browse my more recent posts.

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I recently tried putting Clavius Boon into inklewriter and Twine, inspired by the great debate about gamebooks going on over at Mysterious Path (where is also an awesome game under construction). Time allowing, I hope to get to back to work on it in earnest. Who knows, I might even finish it this time…

The inklewriter version of the prologue (a straight conversion at the moment) can be read here.

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Future Voices

Anyone who has enjoyed ‘Clavius Boon’ might well like a similar story of mine, ‘Your First Giant’, which was recently named as a winner in inklewriter’s ‘Future Voices’ competition. The app containing all the winning entries was released today and is available here or from the app store.

For anyone with an interest in writing interactive fiction, I really can’t recommend inklewriter highly enough. It’s very slick and intuitive but with enough depth to allow the crafting of some pretty complex mechanics if you wish.

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The Inflicted

I’m very excited to announce the launch on Indiegogo of ‘The Inflicted’, a horror game for PC by the hugely talented Ville Nousiainen, for which I’ve had the honour of writing some dialogue and story. I may be biased, but I think it’s fantastic. Click on the picture below for a closer look – all support greatly appreciated!

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Happy Birthday!

I’d like to wish many happy re-issues to the Fighting Fantasy books, which celebrate their 30th birthday today! This auspicious anniversary is shared by Lyndon B Johnson, Barbara Bach and Pee Wee Herman (I can think of at least one good joke about dice-shaking but I’m not going to stoop to it). Congratulations FF!!!

Probably needs more skulls…

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Anyone who has enjoyed this site might also like the dialogue I’ve written for ‘Rambros’, an upcoming tongue-in-cheek, All-American, retro-styled shooter by the awesome Paul Greasely. If you’ve ever wanted to kick ass and enforce freedom on behalf of the greatest nation in the galaxy then this will be the game for you. It’s due to be released in a few weeks but in the meantime its progress can be followed here. And if you’re still not feeling AMERICAN enough, here’s a picture of Macho Man Randy Savage to help you out:

Oooh Yeah!

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Another Side Quest…

Smokelong Quarterly published my story ‘Zombie Vs. Ninja’ today. I am wreathed in smiles.

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A Side Quest…

The wonderful ‘Words With Jam’ have recently published a podcast of my story ‘Restless Apple Jackson’. To hear my dulcet(ish) tones, click here.

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