The Forest of Langlorn

I have now updated the prologue (accessible by clicking ‘ENTER…’ above) to also include the forest sections which make up almost one half of the possible routes to Clavius Boon’s tower. More will follow when I have the time and energy to put in all the links.

Eagle-eyed adventurers will notice that on occassion there are references to theoretical pictures which should accompany the text. Rather than tell you why I haven’t drawn them, it might be easier to show you. The following, slightly disturbing image is the result of a good hour’s work yesterday evening:

It was meant to go in the header for the home page of this blog, but for obvious reasons it hasn’t. Let’s be frank – it isn’t very good. To quote my wife, it’s ‘interesting, but not in a good way.’

I could see in my mind’s eye what I wanted. I wanted a view of the hero from behind (in a gamebook it’s better if the face isn’t seen), overlooking a broad fantasy vista which would buoy the heart and cause the spirit to swell with joy and wanderlust. I thought it might be a nice touch, considering the comedic intentions of the story, if the hero were scratching his arse.

So, after half an hour of slapstick involving a couple of mirrors and a sketchbook, I gave up on drawing the position from life and decided instead to trace it from this famous Athena poster:

Posted by internetsense at Flickr

Some attempt was made to beef up the physique a little but the final effect still looks rather more effeminate and coquettish than I’d intended. I wasn’t really aiming for saucy but saucy, it seems, is what I got.

As a last ditch effort to save the picture, I decided to add some colour and ended up with this:

The upside is that it’s now obvious the hero is wearing trousers. The downside is that it looks even more like the sort of thing an overly doting mother would stick to her fridge.

So, there will be no illustrations until I can badger, threaten or bribe someone with artistic inclinations to do them for me. In the meantime, YOU must be the illustrator!

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3 Responses to The Forest of Langlorn

  1. The color helps a lot, because I thought the hero was going commando… but what are all those little pointy things on the plain surrounding the tower?

  2. William Else says:

    Aha. Yes. Excellent question. The pointy things really want to be trees but have been thwarted in their desires by the laziness of the artist…

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